Denver homeless eviction lies and fraud about the money tonight on Fox at 10

Denver government lies about a little known budget related to the homeless eviction investigation details tonight at 10. March 8 & 9 nobody believed the government was lying, if you questioned it, you were labeled as someone who didn’t want to help the homeless, right? except those who have lived in the Denver 5 points. If you really think that the money surrounding the eviction wasn’t to dupe people, then you need to have your head examined because you’re part of the problem if you think giving funds to the same organizations that failed for 10 years, more funds than anywhere else in Colorado, wasn’t fraud, then you are part of the problem. Absolute fraud in Denver  Seriously, the Samaritan House rides with a free pass because they are part of the Catholic Charaties,go read their 1 star reviews all over the internet about how terrible they are. Denver Rescue Mission you say? I say that I have lived in every one of those places and more in the Denver 5 points, have you? If you don’t attend their CHURCH SERVICE THE DENVER RESCUE MISSION WON’T EVEN FEED YOU. Denver fraud using the homeless as tools to make money.

from Boulder
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