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 Boulder Bridge House

What the Bridge House data shows in 2015 and rolling over through 2016 is a much lower percentage of military veterans as residents than I expected. Colorado Springs is home to the AirForce Academy and Fort Carson is not too far away. To be honest, I think the national averages are much higher. The demographics for Boulder, Colorado might not reflect how diverse the United States is. According to this Rich + Caucasians live in Boulder. Demographics for Boulder 2016 PDF

Veterans: Over 13% of residents are veterans who have served our country, but who are struggling to stay on their feet. Many are not getting the benefits they are entitled to under the law. We help veterans process the paperwork so that they can receive the medical and financial assistance they deserve.

Women: Approximately 30% of the people that walk through our doors are women. The issues homeless women face around safety and security are different from those facing men. Have mental health problems There are estimates that nearly 40% of the homeless population suffers from some kind of mental illness. The Ready to Work program leaders sees this statistic reflected in our clients, most of whom either don’t know they are ill or are unaware of services that can help them. The program has a mental health outreach worker who meets with people one­on­one. They also have group counseling through their weekly HOPE Group. We provide funds for psychiatric prescriptions and work with their partners at Clinica and Mental Health Partners to get people the services they need. / /all/



Boulder Marketing

Boulder Bridges will serve as space for funneling Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts directly related to Boulder County. This might encompass Longmont and Nederland, though I am not familiar if they are in or part of Boulder County. Longmont and Arvada phone numbers share the 720 prefix with Denver, so this will require a little research for organizing phone numbers and zip codes. The 720 phone number prefix in Colorado started being used after the 303 phone numbers ran out. So, the 720 might not be an indicator of a phone number being from any particular region of Colorado.

In the past, I never thought too much about inconsistencies with an organization’s NAP, the Name, Address, and Phone number. It’s not that I didn’t understand, it’s that I didn’t think it was given such high status for regional & local SEO, because anyone could fall prey to sabotage, with little or no consequence. It would be easy to go through a proxy and set up “identities” that looked like they were affiliated, and wreck shop on your competition. Maybe yes, maybe no..dunno, don’t wanna find out.


Negative SEO

This joins my list of “Why Google, just why?” changes that baffle me. This first that comes to mind, is that these days you must disavow incoming links that cause you “Negative SEO” with search engines. There was a time when every webmaster, or most, understood that you would not be penalized for “Negative SEO.” This was to encourage doing things that gained you trust, authority, readers, relevance, position and make the argument, that there is no reason to be vindictive, trusted SEO that follows the webmaster guidelines outlasts “Negative SEO” and to be honest, that made a whole lot of sense back then and it still makes sense today. When it comes to policing inbound backlinks by disavowing links, my last large website that I set up had about 25,000 inbound links. There weren’t too many options for people in the region who spoke only English, so I was fortunate enough to be linked to from hight quality blogs and news organizations in the region that simply started running out of things to talk about in English, that’s what I think anyway. The task or policing of that many inbound links seems a bit, daunting. 


Working with Bridge URLS

That last large website I set up was a photography website & blog that I worked drop-shippable print sales into, it took me a few carts, but I went with MPIX for the print ordering and left no part of the indexing to something like ZenCart, or any of the other direct order carts that looked like they were being sold at the dollar store. Every layer, beginning with the product and ending with the payment had a separate URL. I do this now, but not detailed like I used to do.


X2 the strength of links by doing this one thing

Anytime you duplicate your pageBoth of these links go to the same content. But, the URLs are slightly different, just enough that the search engines will index both pages. The CMS uses the URL to write the title tag, they both have the exact same content, the difference is that and the top URL arranges the content into a list and the second URL into a slideshow. It’s not something I would always do because you do run into some risk if they get seen as duplicate content, and you also divide the page strength in half, so your link with 100-page strength is now 50 per page.


4747 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder

4747 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder CO, 80305

How it can be used effectively and take a very broad set of search terms and divide them between every step.

 You will notice I do this with almost everything. This helps me isolate variations of a page element, see which works with the search engines, which work with guests, and if it matters. The same way you can stair-step your header tags: (H1, H2, H3, H4)

 4747 Table Mesa Drive Boulder

4747 Table Mesa Drive

4747 Table Mesa 

For example, I would use this to see if the shorter address should be utilized, and not the full address because it seems more likely to be what someone with a mobile phone would type as they are walking around looking for an address. If there wasn’t an H1 tag in use on the page I could assign it to the short address variation and put it far above the fold.

 Convert “no follow” page “into do follow”

Drip feed no follow pages into do follow content that Google indexes Next, I will show you a technique that drip feeds your no-follow page into do-follow content automatically.

 Colorado SEO


 The hierarchy I was going for would go:

  1.  1. Bridge House / 1a. Subcategories of this specific program
  2. 2a. Ready to Work Boulder / 2a. Subcategories of this specific program
  3. 2b. Community Table Kitchen / 2b. Subcategories of this specific program
  4. 2c. Mentor-ship Program at Ready to Work Boulder / 2c. Subcategories of this specific program
  5. 2d. Bridge of Opportunity with the Boulder Bridge House and Ready to Work / 2d. Subcategories of this specific program
  6. 2e. Volunteer Opportunities with Boulder Bridge House / 2e. Subcategories of this specific program
  7. 2f. Careers with the Bridge House in Boulder, Colorado / 2f. Subcategories of this specific program
  8. 3. Subcategories of the Bridge House overall programs.

So, as you can see from the original URLs there is hierarchy chaos, and it is easy to see why planning your marketing campaign in advance is critical and will save days or weeks 

That URL was built on May 29. About one month to the day. I am going to attach 3 files and show you the exact progress of that URL. Two desktop screenshots and one mobile showing the SERPS. Here is a summary:

June 25th shows it had climbed to page 3.

June 26th the Boulder Bridges shows movement to page 2.

June 29th the URL for the Ready to Work programs and the Boulder Marketing show signs of life., with only three domains above it. And I am going to add notes to each, so you can get an idea of what I am up against in trying to break through their SERPS. I will just briefly explain in terms that are important to me about the domains. Unfortunately, the SEO lords of the internet have secured most all positions for any type of “SEO Tools” search query, so you may seek those tools out if you have a lot of time on your hands, most aren’t as simple to use as they claim. Google and Bing search operators let you run a number of queries that can give you some information. These are the domains above my 


Boulder Bridges Marketing:

The Bridge House main domain. Not an exact match domain, but clearly all registration information goes here. The major (very big) thing that the marketing department did not give much value to, was the fact that lots of their NAP 

(Name, Address, Phone) information doesn’t match. For local SEO, you can be eaten alive just by this being wrong.

The Bridge House Facebook Page. I don’t think I need to say much about this. They do a good job of cross promoting traditional and social media. Not annoying, professional and does what it needs.

he Social Ventures website, to be honest, I am not sure what this is for except to be a billboard for local businesses wh partner. I am not in the cool kids club, so I have no idea.



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