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Exquisite Salon and Spa offers a variety of services, and through this school you will be exposed to seeing how a salon and full medical spa operate. Enjoy these links below, as they point to the many types of services that a professional salon and medical spa offer on a daily basis to their clients.


Beauty School Littleton – Make Your Career Dreams a reality

With United College of Health and Beauty in Littleton Colorado, we hope to help make your dreams a reality.

Our school is Approved and Regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools.

You have to ask yourself, do you want to work in a field that promotes Health, Beauty, Balance and Well-being? With us, you can. We prepare students for successful careers in the growing Health and Beauty industry. You can begin your career with the comprehensive training provided in our programs. Our dedicated instructors can help you prepare to sit for your licensing examination so you can gain certification and/or license at State of Colorado levels.

A few reasons Why studying with our beauty school Littleton is better:

  • Our prices are 30% less than any other school in Colorado.Guaranteed!
  • Flexible work weeks.
  • Low student-to-licensed instructor ratio (5/1)
  • All classes are directly related to your career goal
  • Computer labs/equipment available outside of class hours
  • Lifetime placement assistance is available
  • Tutoring available at no additional charge
  • Internships available with various local organizations
  • Free refresher courses
  • 0% interest for one year. We match any other private school prices.

Most of all, we care about your success and want to make sure that every step of the way that you are successful.

Beauty School Littleton

Beauty School Littleton

Beauty School Littleton

Beauty School Littleton, Colorado serving the greater Denver area.

Beauty School Littleton

Once you have found the cosmetology school that meets your criteria, schedule a visit to the school. You can check out the class sizes & see the teachers interacting with the students. Most beauty schools offer
services to the public at a discounted rate. This gives their students the opportunity to practice their craft on “real” people. Schedule an appointment to have your hair done or a manicure on your nails. This way
you will be able to see the students in action. Are there instructors there to guide the new hair stylists? Are they constructive in their criticism of the students? This is also an important aspect to keep in mind.
No one wants to be “chewed out” in front of customers.

This may seem somewhat unconventional, but beauty schools are always looking for customers for their most advanced students to hone their skills at heavily discounted prices. Under the rigorous supervision of a
professional hair stylist and cosmetology school instructor, a cosmetology professional in training can provide all of the services available from a beauty salon, at a fraction of the cost.

The students performing the services are heavily trained, and each action is monitored by the instructors that are supervising the sessions. The downside, as with bargain hunting, is that the nature of a vocational
school means that it will be nearly impossible to develop a repertoire with a preferred stylist. However, the services are so inexpensive that you may end up paying a quarter to a third of what you would pay for the
same services at your local beauty salon. All-in-all, this is the best money saving technique if you’re lucky enough to have an accredited beauty school in your area.

Cosmetology College in Littleton & Cosmetologist Career Littleton & Cosmetology School Littleton

Vocational College Littleton

Beauty Career Littleton

Medical Assistant Littleton

Pharmacy Technician Littleton & Pharmaceutical Technician Littleton

Dental Assistant Littleton

Phlebotomist Littleton & Philebotomy Technician Littleton

Esthetician School Littleton

Hair Stylist School Littleton
Pools, beaches and soaking up the sun are sizzling-fun activities for you of course, but not so much for your hair. Aspiring hairstylists out there also take note, for informing your clients of this too can keep
summertime business flowing; protect, protect, protect! Before a refreshing dip in the pool, refresh your hair with a thin coat of conditioner; the proteins in conditioner protect hair from harmful chemicals that
break, discolor and dry.

Nail Technician School Littleton
Manicuring nails is beauty procedure that serves to highlight the discrepancy between an amateur and a professional. For those wishing to enter cosmetology school, or if you’re just looking for a professional look
and quality, there are a few essential tips to manicuring nails that will really make the difference.
Massage Therapist School Littleton

Permanent Make up Class Littleton

Hair Extension classes Littleton

Microdermabrasion Certification Littleton

Chemical Peel Certification Littleton

If you are searching for the perfect school for cosmetology continuing education credits, you have come to the right place. There are hundreds of cosmetology continuing education classes to choose from throughout
the United States and Canada. Choose a state below to get a list of cosmetology colleges near you to get your CEUs. Once you have found one or more cosmetology colleges in which you are interested, simply click
“Request Info” to contact the cosmetologist school directly. The school will contact you shortly to help you start down the path to getting your advanced cosmetology continuing education classes and training hours
required to renew your license.

United College of Health and Beauty
Beauty School Littleton
Cosmetology College in Littleton
Vocational College Littleton
Beauty Career Littleton
Cosmetology School Littleton
Cosmetologist Career Littleton
Medical Assistant Littleton
Pharmacy Technician Littleton
Pharmaceutical Technician Littleton
Dental Assistant Littleton
Phlebotomist Littleton
Philebotomy Technician Littleton</h2>
Esthetician School Littleton
Hair Stylist School Littleton
Nail Technician School Littleton
Massage Therapist School Littleton
Permananent Make up Class Littleton
Hair Extension classes Littleton
Microdermabrasion Certification Littleton
Chemical Peel Certification Littleton

Educational Requirements
Cosmetologists are required to complete training at a certified cosmetology school to get licensed. Most cosmetology schools base their curricula on state licensing requirements, but every state has different
requirements. Nevertheless, common cosmetology coursework includes hair cutting and styling, safety procedures and business management. Most cosmetology programs also provide basic training in makeup application,
manicures, massage therapy and skincare treatments. Cosmetology programs range from 1,000-1,500 hours.

Students can choose to specialize in individual cosmetology fields. Estheticians, or skincare professionals, take courses that cover facial treatments, body wraps, skincare chemicals and body hair removal
techniques. Nail technicians, also called manicurists, participate in coursework that covers manicures, pedicures, artificial nails, nail color treatments and nail diseases. Specialist programs typically require
around 600 hours of coursework.

License Requirements
Both cosmetologists and specialists have to adhere to state licensing requirements. Most states have age restrictions, as well as minimum education requirements. To be eligible for licensing exams, individuals must
complete a set number of training hours during cosmetology school.,html*/

Aside from the comprehensive curriculum of beauty school, there are many different fields within cosmetology that you may want to become your central course of study. You could become a cosmetologist, an
esthetician, or a manicurist to name a few. The fields of cosmetology are varied and specialized, so do your homework to see what fields you may be most interested in before you are forced to choose.

Take a minute before going to cosmetology school to explore your options and decide what your best course of action would be. If a career through beauty school is what you want, you will find it to be a rewarding
career and lifestyle. However, you must first choose the right school and adequately prepare yourself for your new vocation to truly get the most out of your time at beauty school.